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You’re sitting with the perfect job offer, and now they’re pressing you for an answer. And then, like a bullet it hits you: What have I done? Whoa! I need to slow down, put the brakes on. But your no-mess-no-fuss-recruiter issues an ultimatum:  ‘Take it or leave it. But I need to hear from you today!’


How to write a horse book


Is no topic dearer to you than the world of horses? Do you devour whatever equestrian literature you can get your hands on? Has it been your dream to write a book yourself, to tell others about the magical relationship between humans and equines? But how? Where will I find the time, you ask. And what about finding a publisher that will take on my project? How should I go about this? Where would I even start? And yet, between all the self-doubt, there remains the desire to share your experiences with others in a meaningful and lasting way. I have summarized a few tips for you to get you started. Everything newly created begins with a vision, a dream, desire. After desire come an iron will and discipline to push through to the end. Do you have it – desire, will, and discipline? Then read on…


By Annette Kinnear 

Ever since I started publishing in 2009, I have people send me their attempts at writing, asking for my opinion on and tips for their mostly incomplete manuscripts. Over the years I have repeatedly made two observations: