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Best books I have read in a long time. October 2016

Really enjoyed this book. October 2016

I loved that book. Can’t wait for the next one. January 2015

Love it!!! February 2015

If you like to read and want an excellent page turner, you should read this thriller. ‘On the Bit. Catherine’. You won’t be disappointed. Reader from USA, October 2014

Bravo! Great Book! I enjoyed every single page of it. The story was so captivating that I couldn’t stop reading. I can’t wait to read the second part! Reader from Spain, October 2014

I’m about one fourth of the way into this thriller. So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride… and the baroque horse just adds to its spice!! Check out this action packed thrill ride ‘On the Bit. Catherine’ by Annette Kinnear. Reader from USA, September 2014

Well my copy has arrived and got to say I am hooked ... reckon this book could take off through the equestrian world!! Annette Kinnear I am 100 pages in and it's one riveting read don't want to put it down!! Really enjoying it and I am not a huge book reader but I am captivated by it x Reader from UK September 2014

Awesome book everyone! I am really enjoying it, a thriller of a novel. Reader from South Africa. September 2014

I finished the book. It was great, Reader from USA. August 2014

You have to read this book. Brilliant! Well done on such a fantastic book. Thank you, Annette Kinnear. Reader from South Africa. August 2014

What this book is about? Kidnapping, horse story, love story, life, nature, psychology and more and more and more and more. You must  read it! Reader from Germany. July 2014

I fought my way through my long forgotten mother tongue – German – but it was worth it. I loved the book, even though a lot of it was over my head (not as clever as you Annette) and have nearly finished the second one, which is also great. Reader from South Africa about the German original. July 2014

July 2014 Just a great book - I read the German version and couldn't take it away until I was through with it. Buy - Read - Enjoy!  You won't regret it! Reader from Austria

July 2014 This book is so captivating that you can barely put it down. ♡♡ fell in love ♡♡. Reader from Germany

July 2014 My impression about this fantastic novel. Well first I thought it is another story made for those crazy horse women. But I was wrong - to me it's a complete stunner. A mixture of suspense, erotic, of course a horse combined with a unique story. It is one of the most underestimated books on the market. Not only for vacation but take care: you will not stop before you finished. This is my promise to you. Reader from Germany

July 2014 My favourite book, it´s the best story I have ever read!! Reader from Germany

July 2014 To me it's quite hard to find good horse novels which are not filled with stereotypes and predictable turns. When I came across "On the Bit" my attention first was caught by the cover. The Story is everything but predictable. A horse novel not only for horse people - a perfect Combo of scandalous literature, thriller, love story and horse novel! What I can predict is: Once you start reading "On the Bit" you ARE on the bit. Reader from Germany.

July 2014 Absolutely great book, couldn't put it down. Reader from South Africa

July 2014  I've read it in German, it's really great! A must-have for every Book- and Horse-Freak. Sorry if my English is bad, I'm out of school for a while  ... oh damn my English skills. Just read this book. Reader from Austria

July 2014 A truly unique book. Contains everything you want it to: Excitement, thrill, sex, crime, love - what more can you expect? A must read! Reader from South Africa


“Fine Spanish riding, packed into a thrilling novel. This is a rollercoaster of a book. And the reader sits in the front row.”


Press review by www.equimondi.de:

"A thrilling novel about organized crime, kidnapping, torture and love. For horse lovers, rounded off with a divine stallion and beautiful riding… 

It’s an art to be able to pull the reader into a story. To allow him or her escape reality and dive into the whirlpool of the captivating, dark and yet sweet world of a book. Annette Kinnear has managed exactly that. While other novels need pages and pages of preliminaries, the reader of On the bit. Catherine is swept along from the first chapter. Into the abyss of the human psyche. The reader is held by the strength and uniqueness of the characters and captivated by the dark passion on every page. This book is a rollercoaster ride of literature. And the reader sits in the first row.

Catherine, an ordinary young woman makes a careless mistake and is driven into the hands of a powerful, dangerous organisation. There she experiences the most terrifying but also the most beautiful moments of her life, which is turned upside down forever. A confident, attractive woman is kidnapped by a handsome man… What unites them is their love for a majestic black stallion. When reading the book, I had to chuckle here and there about the countless clichés, not many of which were left out. However, these fade into the background. Most prominently I was impressed by the deep understanding of the dark psyche of the human.

The horse rider in me cherished the educational presentation of finest Spanish riding.

The woman in me tingled from its passion and sex.

The adventurer in me delighted in the description of foreign countries and the nature scenes.

The critical bookworm in me, however, was annoyed by the abrupt end. There the author could have made more of it… a continuation would surely put every reader in a state of excited bliss.

Fine Spanish riding, packed into a thrilling novel!"

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