5 Stars Neigh-Bours Forum, Onzicles 04.03.2015
In one word? Fantastic!

Few books can actually take me away from my textbooks, and this one was one of them. Had me hooked from the first page, and finished within a weekend. The story line is addictive and extremely well written! A definite must read.



Atlanta Horse Connections writes:

"Kinnear invites her readers to join her in a thrill ride by introducing an adventure that truly does not fit in any one simple genre “box.” This novel is a thrilling, psychological, and a mysterious tale filled with dark twisted political plots by use of international powers as well as brilliantly perverted and torturous tactics that create a romantic illusion. Kinnear leads the reader into a page-turning exotic journey on a beautiful dark stallion...

...It was refreshing to find such a thrilling, incredibly graphic, and perfectly delivered book that is sure to become a favorite for the adult horse enthusiasts who are brave enough to go for a ride that races the reader through the pages with its fast-paced twists and turns that keep you hanging on until the very last page. Annette Kinnear delivers the haute ecole of a thrill ride that will leave you chomping at the bit for the next book in the series."

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Horse Trader Online 22.09.2014:

“I can personally recommend this book to you all as I have received and read my copy. It is truly captivating and keeps you hooked the whole way through. Lisa Smith”

Press review by

"A thrilling novel about organized crime, kidnapping, torture and love. For horse lovers, rounded off with a divine stallion and beautiful riding…
It’s an art to be able to pull the reader into a story. To allow him or her escape reality and dive into the whirlpool of the captivating, dark and yet sweet world of a book. Annette Kinnear has managed exactly that. While other novels need pages and pages of preliminaries, the reader of On the bit. Catherine is swept along from the first chapter. Into the abyss of the human psyche. The reader is held by the strength and uniqueness of the characters and captivated by the dark passion on every page. This book is a rollercoaster ride of literature. And the reader sits in the first row.
Catherine, an ordinary young woman makes a careless mistake and is driven into the hands of a powerful, dangerous organisation. There she experiences the most terrifying but also the most beautiful moments of her life, which is turned upside down forever. A confident, attractive woman is kidnapped by a handsome man… What unites them is their love for a majestic black stallion.
When reading the book, I had to chuckle here and there about the countless clichés, not many of which were left out. However, these fade into the background. Most prominently I was impressed by the deep understanding of the dark psyche of the human.
The horse rider in me cherished the educational presentation of finest Spanish riding.
The woman in me tingled from its passion and sex.
The adventurer in me delighted in the description of foreign countries and the nature scenes.
The critical bookworm in me, however, was annoyed by the abrupt end. There the author could have made more of it… a continuation would surely put every reader in a state of excited bliss.
Fine Spanish riding, packed into a thrilling novel!"