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I loved the first two books. Incredible story, with rich dialogue, incredibly well researched, and wonderful riding and equestrian content. 01.17

For all my friends who enjoy a good read. The psychology, the thrill, the "heat", the EVERYTHING.... do yourself a December reading list favour. You won't regret it...! 12.16

It is a must read! 11.16

Both books are a must read! 10.16

I loved these books! 10.16


If you enjoy rollercoaster rides you will be familiar with the sensation of those tense ascents followed by the rapid descents. One minute up on top and a quick gasp for air, the next minute flying down at breakneck speed. There is no time to breathe! Nothing is under your control - you are completely exposed to the forces at play. That’s how this book is. Yes, Annette Kinnear was able to pull thousands of readers into the world of darkness with her first book On the Bit. Catherine but her sequel has exceeded our most daring expectations. Catherine and Rivas must face their past and master it. The journey begins with their love, gallops through European and American justice systems and ends up in internationally organized and highly structured human trafficking circles.  

During this horror trip they meet betrayal, greed and violence. But desperation, too, and resignation and fear surface strongly in the dark jungle of the human soul. The two unusual heroes are not only confronted with the crimes of others, but cannot escape facing their own demons, too. Of course, they are not without help from their four legged, neighing friends. It seems Annette Kinnear has grown in her work. The style and content of the book reach a very high standard indeed. The elegant weave of fiction on the one hand and accurate historical, cultural, societal and political themes from various countries on the other – and that in combination with magnificent natural settings - make On the Bit Charlotte truly unique.  

The high art of psychology rounds off this effect. What goes on in the victims? What in the perpetrators? What chance of a normal life will they have, if they survive? The professionally conducted research allows readers to gain valuable insights into specific areas of expertise that are yet of general interest. Past and present… the puzzle of the various stories skillfully netted together into one big story. Readers who did not read the first volume On the Bit Catherine are sufficiently filled in on the context in order to be able to follow the story. If you are already an ‘On the Bit insider‘, these backdrop inserts awaken memories which elicit broad smiles. From the very first page, one feels welcomed home – as an old and dear friend. Once you have start reading, you will not want to put this book down. (equimondi.de – Press review of the German original - translated and re-reprinted by permission)  

Many readers are already familiar with the first volume of the On the Bit Series by Annette Kinnear. This headhunting thriller series has turned out to be of particular interest for equestrian enthusiasts who like it ‘tense’. Now the sequel On the Bit Charlotte has been released and the adventures of Catherine, Rivas and the black stallion Andalus continue. As was the case with On the Bit Catherine, the sequel again boasts over 500 pages and is therefore a voluminous read. It will be beneficial to have read the first volume but not essential. The reader gains enough insight into the events of the first novel to not let it affect his or her reading enjoyment. On the Bit Charlotte is an extremely exciting romantic thriller. The author Annette Kinnear has once again managed to connect human behavioral patterns, corruption, kidnapping and last but not least horses to guarantee high levels of tension and mystery. hobbyranch.de – Press review of the German original 

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